MSveg Meetups

The Mississippi Vegetarians and Vegans group has been gathering for meetups with increasing frequency and growing numbers since 2004. We have met up in Jackson, Hattiesburg, and the Gulf Coast. People meet with us for many reasons and from many different backgrounds. Some have been vegan or vegetarian for many years, even most or all of their lives. Some are new or simply curious about eating healthier. Some are interested in animal protection, shelters, bark parks, or wildlife rehabilitation. We found many people in Mississippi who were the only vegetarian or vegan they knew, so they are happy to find like-minded folks to share ideas, recipes, and conversation with. It’s pleasant to eat out where we know the food is prepared with us in mind. Several restaurants have begun adding vegan options as a result of our group showing them how many people are interested.

Hattiesburg MSveg Izzo's

In recent months the Hattiesburg MSveg group has become more active. This is the second meetup at Izzo’s Illegal Burrito on Hardy Street.

We have a regular group meetup on the second Thursday of the month at Bravo! Italian Restaurant and Bar in Highland Village in Jackson. Other meetups change from month to month and place to place. We also have potluck suppers hosted by Rainbow Grocery Coop at their High Noon Cafe in Jackson. Group members and others around Jackson bring homemade vegan dishes (with ingredient lists for folks with diet restrictions). Many dishes are organic and non-GMO. It’s always interesting to see how imaginative people can be. For folks who don’t cook, but want to bring something, Rainbow has a deli section next door with vegan items.

Anyone is welcome to join us. Meetup schedules are posted here in the blog and on our Facebook page and group. We hope to see you there. Be of good cheer. ~Dick Ford