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Easy Bake Tofu

How to bake tasty tofu

Pre-heat oven 425-450° – 1-2 packages extra firm tofu sliced into squares (or other shapes) on non-stick pan.
Splash with soy sauce, marinade, or other yummy flavorings (liquid smoke).
Broil each side 5 min. Turn off oven and let tofu bake as oven cools. Serve as is or dice and add to other dishes. Stores well in fridge.
In the past I pressed the water out of the tofu before cooking it, but this method bakes away most of the moisture as the oven cools.
The texture is chewy with crispy edges. Cooking tofu on a pancake griddle does just as well.

Easy Veggie Burgers


Easy Veggie Burger
1 can fat free refried beans (or other beans pureed)
2 tablespoons soy sauce (or marinade)
2 tablespoons potato or corn starch
1/2 – 1 teaspoon liquid smoke flavoring (if desired)
spices (if desired) (black pepper and sage make sausage flavor)

Stir in:
1 1/2 to 2 cups uncooked old fashioned oats (depending on how moist the beans are)

Option: use cooked brown rice instead of oats.

Form into 6 patties

Cook on pancake griddle with non-stick spray or thin film of oil
Bake in oven on non-stick surface
…until brown on both sides

Each patty has approximately:
7 grams of protein
2 grams of fat (from oats)
160 calories T-shirts t-shirt

New T-shirts!

We now have T-shirts available for sale at our cost, $8.50 each (plus shipping, if needed, $4.50 for one shirt or $6.00 for two). We will have them for sale at MSveg events such as Fondren after 5 in Jackson, 2nd Tuesday Meetups in Hattiesburg, and 2nd Thursday Meetups at Bravo in Jackson. The shirts are printed on natural cotton and available in S, M, and L sizes (sorry, we sold out of XL). To order a shirt by mail, send email to for specifics.

Vegan Gourmet Dinner

We just got word that Bravo! will be hosting a special 7-course vegan gourmet dinner on Monday, July 14th. Chef Matt Mabry is still finalizing the menu, but this is what its looking like so far… Can anyone say YUM?!?!

Amuse: Lychee- jasmine and lemongrass tea- sesame sugar snap pea salad- local borage- Maldon sea salt

1. Smith county watermelon gazpacho w/ local cucumber and spiced almond

2. Heirloom tomato caprese: local heirloom tomato- micro thai basil- crispy capers- housemade “mozzarella”- charred micro radish- 25 year old balsamic and herbed olive oil

3. Abalone mushroom “filet”- smoked sweet and spicy lobster mushroom- black lentil and fiddle head fern ragout, charred baby leek- local blackberry marmalade- shaved summer truffle

4. House made local purple hull pea ravioli- meyer lemon “cream” sauce- local sugar pea shoot, pickled rainbow chard- local sweet corn

Palate Cleanser: Chilton County peach sorbet- candied ginger- chocolate micro mint

Dessert : TBA — at BRAVO! Italian Restaurant and Bar.
[Thanks to Gigi Carter for this news]

We had three veggie events this week

The MS-veg folks had a full week with two monthly meetups and a special lunch event. The Hattiesburg MS-veg group met at Thirsty Hippo on Tuesday, then Thursday the Jackson group met at Bravo! Italian Restaurant and Bar. High Noon Cafe invited us to help celebrate and say goodbye on Chef Tony’s last day at the cafe.

Vegan sausage

Vegan red bean sausage & three bean salad. 

Thirsty Hippo is very accommodating to vegetarians and vegans. Many veggie choices are listed in their menu and they are all highly praised by the group.

Hattiesburg MSveg Thirsty Hippo

Hattiesburg MS-veg group at Thirsty Hippo

The group enjoyed the restaurant enough to schedule next month’s meeting at Thirsty Hippo again on the second Tuesday, July 8.

Vegan gourmet three course meal

Vegan gourmet three course meal

Bravo! always surprises us. Thursday we had local butter bean salad, grilled eggplant with something akin to couscous, and berry-peach cobbler. Excellent. Enjoyable. The Jackson MS-veg group has a meetup there on the second Thursday each month, but Bravo! has vegan three course meals every Thursday. Some of the group members go nearly every week. 

High Noon Cafe - vegan Pad Thai special

High Noon Cafe – vegan Pad Thai special

High Noon’s menu is all vegan, organic, and non-GMO. Thursday they said goodbye to Chef Tony who is taking over the food services department at Nissan. He will still be available for catering and events. The folks at High noon say their other cooks are well-trained to continue Chef Tony’s traditions.


MSveg Meetups

The Mississippi Vegetarians and Vegans group has been gathering for meetups with increasing frequency and growing numbers since 2004. We have met up in Jackson, Hattiesburg, and the Gulf Coast. People meet with us for many reasons and from many different backgrounds. Some have been vegan or vegetarian for many years, even most or all of their lives. Some are new or simply curious about eating healthier. Some are interested in animal protection, shelters, bark parks, or wildlife rehabilitation. We found many people in Mississippi who were the only vegetarian or vegan they knew, so they are happy to find like-minded folks to share ideas, recipes, and conversation with. It’s pleasant to eat out where we know the food is prepared with us in mind. Several restaurants have begun adding vegan options as a result of our group showing them how many people are interested.

Hattiesburg MSveg Izzo's

In recent months the Hattiesburg MSveg group has become more active. This is the second meetup at Izzo’s Illegal Burrito on Hardy Street.

We have a regular group meetup on the second Thursday of the month at Bravo! Italian Restaurant and Bar in Highland Village in Jackson. Other meetups change from month to month and place to place. We also have potluck suppers hosted by Rainbow Grocery Coop at their High Noon Cafe in Jackson. Group members and others around Jackson bring homemade vegan dishes (with ingredient lists for folks with diet restrictions). Many dishes are organic and non-GMO. It’s always interesting to see how imaginative people can be. For folks who don’t cook, but want to bring something, Rainbow has a deli section next door with vegan items.

Anyone is welcome to join us. Meetup schedules are posted here in the blog and on our Facebook page and group. We hope to see you there. Be of good cheer. ~Dick Ford