Vegan Gourmet Dinner

We just got word that Bravo! will be hosting a special 7-course vegan gourmet dinner on Monday, July 14th. Chef Matt Mabry is still finalizing the menu, but this is what its looking like so far… Can anyone say YUM?!?!

Amuse: Lychee- jasmine and lemongrass tea- sesame sugar snap pea salad- local borage- Maldon sea salt

1. Smith county watermelon gazpacho w/ local cucumber and spiced almond

2. Heirloom tomato caprese: local heirloom tomato- micro thai basil- crispy capers- housemade “mozzarella”- charred micro radish- 25 year old balsamic and herbed olive oil

3. Abalone mushroom “filet”- smoked sweet and spicy lobster mushroom- black lentil and fiddle head fern ragout, charred baby leek- local blackberry marmalade- shaved summer truffle

4. House made local purple hull pea ravioli- meyer lemon “cream” sauce- local sugar pea shoot, pickled rainbow chard- local sweet corn

Palate Cleanser: Chilton County peach sorbet- candied ginger- chocolate micro mint

Dessert : TBA — at BRAVO! Italian Restaurant and Bar.
[Thanks to Gigi Carter for this news]

One thought on “Vegan Gourmet Dinner

  1. Dick Ford

    Monday, July 14 | 6 PM
    $68 per person

    Vegan beers & wine selections will be available at an additional cost.

    E-mail or call 601.982.8111

    Amuse – Lychee, Jasmine and Lemongrass Tea:
    Sesame-Sugar Snap Pea Salad / Local Borage
    Maldon Sea Salt

    Smith County Watermelon Gazpacho:
    Spiced almonds

    Heirloom Tomato Caprese:
    Micro Thai Basil / Crispy Capers / House-Made “Mozzarella” / Charred Micro Radish /
    25-Year-Old Balsamic / Herbed Olive Oil

    Abalone Mushroom “Filet”:
    Smoked lobster Mushroom / Black Lentil-Fiddle-Head Fern Ragout / Charred Baby Leeks /
    Local Blackberry Marmalade / Shaved Summer Truffle

    House-Made Purple Hull Pea Ravioli:
    Meyer Lemon “Cream”/ Sugar Pea Shoots
    Pickled Rainbow Chard / Sweet Corn

    Palate Cleanser – Chilton County Peach Sorbet:
    Candied Ginger/ Chocolate Micro Mint

    Fig Upside-Down Cake:
    Butter Pecan “Gelalto”/ Pulled Sugar


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