We had three veggie events this week

The MS-veg folks had a full week with two monthly meetups and a special lunch event. The Hattiesburg MS-veg group met at Thirsty Hippo on Tuesday, then Thursday the Jackson group met at Bravo! Italian Restaurant and Bar. High Noon Cafe invited us to help celebrate and say goodbye on Chef Tony’s last day at the cafe.

Vegan sausage

Vegan red bean sausage & three bean salad. 

Thirsty Hippo is very accommodating to vegetarians and vegans. Many veggie choices are listed in their menu and they are all highly praised by the group.

Hattiesburg MSveg Thirsty Hippo

Hattiesburg MS-veg group at Thirsty Hippo

The group enjoyed the restaurant enough to schedule next month’s meeting at Thirsty Hippo again on the second Tuesday, July 8.

Vegan gourmet three course meal

Vegan gourmet three course meal

Bravo! always surprises us. Thursday we had local butter bean salad, grilled eggplant with something akin to couscous, and berry-peach cobbler. Excellent. Enjoyable. The Jackson MS-veg group has a meetup there on the second Thursday each month, but Bravo! has vegan three course meals every Thursday. Some of the group members go nearly every week. 

High Noon Cafe - vegan Pad Thai special

High Noon Cafe – vegan Pad Thai special

High Noon’s menu is all vegan, organic, and non-GMO. Thursday they said goodbye to Chef Tony who is taking over the food services department at Nissan. He will still be available for catering and events. The folks at High noon say their other cooks are well-trained to continue Chef Tony’s traditions.


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